2017 - Proffitt's Training Diaries – Pozo - EP1 - Windsurfing.TV

Ep 1 of the 2017 Pozo Training Diaries is OUT! …and you have to WATCH it until the END! …Trust me... Antoine Albert in a super spin! haha After a few injuries i'm a bit late to Pozo this year But i finally made it and here is the update after 3 days! In Episode 1 – Update from the guys that came out here a few weeks ago – 48 man fleet in pozo this year – 30 juniors already entered – Robby Swift spanks himself on the first run... but then turns it around! – Ricardo Campello try's to break himself with some hell crashes... but as usual lands the Jump of the day! – Jaeger Stone goes double crazy and does the worlds lowest back loop :) – Marc pare is on form as usual – Julien Salmon nails his first goiter – Adam lewis looks like he's got over his injury and started back on the double trail – Marino Gil looking solid on his 360's and starting to go pretty high. – and Moritz Mauch continues his wave shedding but not a jump in sight! ...will he leave the water this year.. the beat are on!! :) If you want to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: http://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/