RS:Racing EVO9 Rigging & Tuning Guide

Antoine Albeau, 23x World Champion, gives tips for rigging and tuning your NeilPryde RS:Racing EVO9 windsurfing racing sail.

NorthSails hardware

THE LIGHTEST PRODUCTS ON EARTH - NorthSails hardware 2017. Reduced mass and swing weight requires less power, concentration and technique. Meaning the lighter the material, the more playful, longer, faster and more efficiently you’re able to windsurf. Therefore for 2017 we have revised the construction of all our sails and rig components, selected the best available materials and optimized production processes. The results have surpassed even our own wildest expectations: No other brand can offer as lightweight products as we do! - NorthSails has the lightest Booms in every cathegory - NorthSails has the lightest RDM Masts in every cathegory - NorthSails has the lightest Extension - NorthSails has the lightest Racing Sail - NorthSails has the lightest Freestyle Sail Video by Enjoythesoup


TRUE WIND is a windsurf and art project series where freestyle windsurf pro Max Matissek aims to make his abstract windsurfing fantasies and imaginations a reality. He chooses extraordinary locations to windsurf in, the image gets photographed and put on canvas for him to finally paint on the chosen main shot. The result is a mixed media piece of art. The second TRUE WIND project was filmed on the rooftops of Vienna – on top of the buildings of Alt Erlaa. Filmed and edited by – Philipp Reiterer/Enjoy the Soup Photography and additionals by: - Ulrich Sperl - Rudy Dellinger - Vincent Forstenlechner THX to everybody who made this project possible!! Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. © Copyright: Max Matissek Windsurfing

Canaries – before present – Severne Wave Team 2016

As we draw to an end of 2016 - here is a quick look back at the Severne wave team ripping apart the Canaries.

BSA sailors meeting - Weymouth

Held in Spinnakers, WPNSA at 11.10 am.

Shaka Time

Although the world of freestyle has progressed at alarming rates in recent years, the shaka still remains one of the hardest and most impressive moves to land. The shaka is still part of most of the top freestylers routines and scores well on the freestyle tour. If you’ve been trying to crack this move, read on and find out some of the top...

Kona Air Rig 2017

Beginner windsurfers When the Kona Windsurfing team began the develop- ment of a new school sail line the ambition was clear – create the best beginner sail ever. We are proud to present our first fully inflatable rig. It fits in a small bag and only weighs 1,25-1,5 size: S, M, ML (2:2-4:2 sqm) […]The post Kona Air Rig 2017 appea...


A fun little session in SUP Surfing at cloudbrake FIJI

2016-11-23 Cap d'Agde

Windsurf report 28-2016.


The Search is ON for windsurfers !

The 2016 Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour's Final (French Wave Championship's Final) took place in Carro (South of France) the 20th & 21th of November.
The 30 best French waveriders were there to compete in epic Mediterranean conditions during these two days, with stong wind and nice waves.

1. Regis BOURON
2. Thomas TRAVERSA
3. Adrien BOSSON
4. Julien TABOULET
6. Florent CATRY
7. Jean Baptiste CASTE
8. Sylvain PUIG
9. Antony RUENES
9. Philippe MESMEUR
9. Sébastien SENICOURT

All In Sport Beach Company
Rip Curl
Fédération Française de Voile
Cercle de Voile de Martigues
Wind Magazine

Ride Production

Glass Animals - Gooey (Wild Culture Remix)
Electric Citizen - Light years beyond

Windsurfing Kids Camps with Fanatic´s Vincent Langer

For the first time the popular Windsurf Kids Camp by Fanatic´s Vincent Langer will take place at the same time as the Mercedes Benz surf...

Racing Pedigree

The 2016 PWA World Tour may have only just drawn to a close, but S2Maui have already set their focus on the 2017 slalom world tour with their new Venom Race Sail."S2Maui is excited to participate in the 2017 PWA race season and thanks to testing from champions like Micah Buzianis (JP / S2Maui) and Josh Angulo (Angulo / S2Maui) as well as the...

Tenerife Windsurf Solution (TWS) Slalom Stages 2016/17

Ready? Set? Go! The TWS Tenerife has all the new 2017 gear waiting for you in their centre. As the days are getting really cold and short in Europe...

Team Pryde at the 2016 Aloha Classic PWA

Check out top class wave riding action from the 2016 Aloha Classic PWA competition, featuring Robby Swift, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Jason Polakow, Leon Jamaer and Antoine Martin. Congratulations to Sarah-Quita on winning the event!

JP Team PWA Aloha Classic 2016

The JP team riders in action at the PWA’s 2016 Aloha Classic – produced by Robby Swift. Congratulations to JP Young Gun Jake Schettewi US-25 for winning the Aloha Classic Youth title again! See Jake ripping together with his mates Morgan Noireaux HI-10, Robby Swift K-89, Antoine Martin F-193, Leon Jamaer G-208 and Jason Polakow K-1111.


Markus Rydberg (Simmer / Simmer Sails) has just released the latest episode of his on going series ‘The Viking Diaries’, which sees the Swede mainly sailing at home in another slick edit, which you can see by visiting @ also caught up with Markus for a short interview which you can read below:PWA: Where was your...

TWS Slalom Stages 2016/2017

As the days are getting really cold and short in Europe, TWS Windsurf Solution Tenerife stocked up its center with all the 2017 high end Slalom...

2016-11-21 Leucate

Windsurf report 27-2016

My Maui Life ⎜Māʻalaea

My Maui Life with Hawaii Realtor, Tatiana Howard ⎜Māʻalaea

The Lululemon crew had a work/play day on a beautiful catamaran called Sail Maui. Being a new ambassador, I was invited out with some others to sail and snorkel Coral Gardens. It was a windy WINDY day and the sailing was epic! Snorkel was of course amazing too! :)

Māʻalaea is the site of a small boat harbor, as well as the Maui Ocean Center. It is conveniently located between the Kahului Airport and Lahaina Ka'anapali area. Adventures await kama'aina's and visitor's alike .

Brazil October 2016

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