riki marca - 16 year
eslide with strong wind in sa barra, a spot in south of Sardinia.
thanks to all my sponsors : challenger sails, 99novenove, underwave, panda diplomacy, k4 fins, vela club marano.


Hi guys! This is my new video. I recorded it in Sardnia, before i broke my eardrum. The spot is Sa Barra, it's a paradise. I passed 2 month there last summer, and i'll go there again this summer, for another 3 month. I can't wait.
I was training for some moves like funnel, eslide, flaka, puneta, grubby and spock.
I wont to thanks all my sponsors that help me and believe in my dream !
Underwave, ChallengerSails, 99novenove, K4 fins, panda diplomacy, vela club marano.

Summer in Greece

Hi everybody, this is the movie that i released about my summer trip in Naxos. All the film are made in laguna beach park, the school of Stam Promponas, a Greek freestyler. A big thanks to Stam and his family for all the help, to all the guys that i met and made great my summer and to my sponsors: fanatic, northsails, ion, mfc, sa barra.

Enjoy the movie.

sw chacho

Hi guys! Finally i'm back in Sardinia, sabarra. Now i'm training for juniores world championship in Marseille.
This is a sw chacho filmed here last days .
I wont to thanks all my sponsors: challenger, 99, underwave, panda diplomacy, k4 fins, vela club marano !
Riki I-988

The wind is back

Hi guys,
I realized this clip with my dad's shooting in two different days and two different spots of Sant'Antioco.

Thanks to my sposor:
north sails
optimum time

Desperados's short clip

Here's a short clip filmed in Sant'Antioco, a little island in the south of Sardinia.
Two days full of action, Giovanni Passani (I-139) and Riki Marca (I-988) show nice moves.

Good wind!

Short Clip

Hi guys, here's a short clip filmed in Sardinia after my first experience in PWA tour at the first stop in France, Leucate. I'm back really motivated, and i decided to film some of the moves i'm training. Thanks to my friend Nicolò Tagliafico for filming !
-North Sails
-Mfc hawaii
-Optimum Time


Hi guys,
Finally good wind in Sardinia! I'm training a lot, and i'm learning a lot of new moves! This is a skopu filmed some days ago.
Hope you like it!
Thanks to my sponsor: UNDERWAVE, challenger, k4fins, 99, panda diplomacy

riki I-988

Through Europe



Hi guys,
This is my new video.
I filmed it this summer in the little island of Sant'antioco, Sardinia.
I called the video " new life" because this year i'll live and study here , in Sant'antioco, for training windsurf all the year, also in the winter time. I'll stay with my best friend Giovanni Passani.
This is the start of a new life for me.
Enjoy the movie!

Riki I-988


A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana.

sw chacho


Sardinia Series N.1

A short clip from my last training trip to Sardinia.
Filmed in Porto Pollo, one of the most famous spot in the North of the island.
Thank to Mattia Fabrizi for filming.
Sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails, Ion, Lagoa Fins, ENErgiA.

front loop

Hi guys,
Here aw forward filmed by my dad in Tarifa, Spain.
A really strong windy day, 4,2 and 90, too wavy for freestyling.

music: when the music's over, Doors


A week in Lanzarote

I'm happy to post my first proper movie, filmed in Lanzarote from "Aliseo Solutions" production.
Lanzarote is famous to be a wave spot, but it can also be a really fun place to freestyle.
I would like to thanks Russel Groves and Leo from "Aloha Spirit" for helping me and making me feel like at home.


Hi guys,
Here two shaka filmed by my dad in Spain,
the first in Tarifa and the second in S.Petri.

music: hump de bump, Red hot chili peppers


988 in Brazil

Hi Everyone. This is my last movie realized in Brazil during last November.
It has been the first time in Brazil for me and didn't get a day without wind.
A special thanks to Gianluca from WindJeri for the help and to all my sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails, Lagoa Fins, Ion, ENErgiA.

willy skipper


2017 Morocco Spot X Final Video

And its a wrap! The 2017 Morocco Spot X contest was a big success. Double Eliminations were completed in all divisions, down-the-line wave action was had, and good times by all on the IWT. Check it out. More information at

First year in Sardinia

Hi guys.
"First year in Sardinia" is my new video. I realized it by myself thanks to all my friend that filmed me. Now i live in Sardinia, i moved here only for train windsurfing. I live in Sant'Antioco, a really windy place. Here i can train in Windsurfing club Sa Barra, one on the best spot for freestyle in Europe. Hope you'll like it!


Vitamin Sea

Filmed with the new Panasonic GH5 (settings below) and Ikelite housing in Maui, Hawaii. I visited Makena beach with Simon Crowther last month to test out the new camera and housing set up in some surf. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to filming with a water housing and was cool to capture such unique images. I absolutely love the images that the new GH5 produce and seems to work well with the Ikelite housing.

Simon is a super talented photographer and was great to join him in the line up, he sells some of his shorebreak images that are well worth checking out -

Lumix 12-35 II 2.8 (water)
Lumix 100-400 (land)
60p 4K to Atomos Inferno / 120 fps 1080 for housing shots

DJI Inspire / X5 / 15mm

Artist: RY X
Track: 'Shortline'