Starboards Foil Freeride boards have become our best-selling board, test winners and the global benchmark for freeride foil boards. The versatility of these boards takes it to the next level. A sensation of perfection from the moment you step foot on the board. Thanks to a balanced trim between the mast track, foil box and straps, effortless take-offs with optimised cut-outs and rock-steady flights. Enjoy the next level of Freeride Foiling with us.

Fly up onto the foil earlier with the deep, long cutaway concept proven in our performance slalom foil boards.

The Foil Freeride easily maintains optimum trim and balance in flight mode, locking into a confident, stable path.

Added control at higher speeds due to the balanced outline and perfect trim between mast track, foil box and strap placement. A rounder nose outline, refined nose edge, and concave deck increase lift and speed, allowing us to move the inserts forward to maximise the higher performance.

The ergonomically shaped standing area and thick deck pad create an ultra-comfortable feel, which makes those endless long reaches even more enjoyable.

Smooth touchdowns and semi-automatic relaunching ensure the new 75 and 85 are easy to ride.

They deliver perfect balance throughout upwind, reaching, downwind, tacking, jibing and surface to air transitions. This is the next level of Foil Freeride! Share the thrill of free flight.

More info: https://windsurf.star-board.com/windsurfing-boards/