Hydrofoiling - made simple! The Foil Freestyle offers the easiest way to play in the air. This ultra-compact board helps you fly through the foil jibes and make your first jumps easy. The minimum board size, sail size, maximum fly time, and maximum fun.

We wanted you to fly onto the foil with the Foil Freestyle as quickly as possible. Deep cut-aways running down the rail allow the board to glide faster. At the same time, reduced tail volume enhances foil activation. The result: you pop up in the light wind with little effort. Knowing that touchdowns can be the least pleasant experience of wind foiling, we paid extra attention to ensure you fly confidently. Now touchdowns bounce straight back up, thanks to the wide nose and a foil-specific rocker line. Your progress keeps coming, and use the center foot strap to practice your first jumps and freestyle moves. And how about a super stable stance while up hauling the sail? All these features come in a versatile board with a compact, balanced shape.

More info: https://windsurf.star-board.com/windsurfing-boards/