Kitesurfing in Salinas De Pampatar ( Pink Saline) | Ricardo Campello

Ive always wanted to kite in this Lagoon , but the wind was not always there , this trip to Margarita I was searching for it and got 2 windy days to make it happen ! a few years back I kited in another Pink Lagoon back in Falcon , those were bigger and windier but the bottom was really sharp in comparison to this one ! I was using my Nexus2 12 M and Carved Imperator and if you are wondering how I got those cool Onboard shots here's the link And

'Gone Windsurfing'

Sorry bit of a delay in Send it Sunday... waves and wind have stopped laptop work!! It's was a long winter with a few wave sessions... so with this first proper forecast of decent conditions, i'm busy filming! Are you a Windsurfing.TV Member? HELP make videos like this possible... JOIN the Membership program :) To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… Go to:

iGnite Your Freestyle: Windsurf Board Set Up Tips By Our Pro's

iGnite Your Freestyle: Windsurfing Set Up Tips By Our Pro's Unsure How To Set Up Your Ignite? Starboard's Dream Team Riders Sarah Quita, Oda Brodhold and Lennart Neubauer explain how they set up their favourite freestyle boards. Meanwhile, windsurfing coach Phil from GetWindsurfing explains exactly which setting will have which effect on your sailing or in regards to your feeling on the Board. So if you ever wondered why freestyles have a completely different kind of Set Up on their Straps ad

First Slalom Sessions in Tarifa | vlog¹¹₂₀₂₁

#MakeWindsurfingGreatAgain Don't want to miss out on the new cap & hoodies? Sign up for the newsletter → Find me on IG → 🎥 Filmed on - Lumix S5 - Insta360 ONE R My Partners: 0:00 New surla Samples 1:00 Back in Tarifa 2:00 Checking Conditions 3:00 Fail: No Wind 3:40 Action! 5:43 My Set-Up 6:26 Ben Profitt I'm coming for you

Events 2021 Entry Now Open

Authors: UKWA News...

JP YoungGun MagicRide & VISION Rig 2021

Magic from the Beginning The board is wide enough and with sufficient volume to provide good stability for quick progress. Once more experienced, the board will progress along with the Young Gun. Designed to meet the needs of the new generation (reduced stance width, shorter distance between strap plugs, many footstrap options) it will plane easily. Fun from the very first minute for beginners as well as advanced riders like 14-year old Rocco. The VISION rig is efficient and durable with a

My FIRST time Windsurfing JAWS - Adam Lewis

A little Q&A with JAWS Virgin - Adam lewis. He also drops the bomb 'he's married!! Podcast will return next week... Maciek has a few BIG names lined up! Neil Pryde is in the pipeline!! Are you a Windsurfing.TV Member? HELP make videos like this possible... JOIN the Membership program :) To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… Go to:

Winter 20/21

Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing) has earned the reputation as one of the best sailors at Ho’okipa, Maui. The Brazilian now calls Ho’okipa home and despite having a few injuries this winter he’s still found plenty of time to hit the water. Browne has just released a collection of some of his best bits and it’s quite the...

Foil Challenge – 200 km and 10 hours on a foil

When foiling becomes an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life! More than 200 km and 10 hours on the foil was hard!The post Foil...

Duotone Foiling 2.0 - Episode 1 Jibe

In our new “Foil Riding with Jordy” tutorials the Dutch racer will take your flight to another level! During episode 1 Jordy Vonk is giving professional advice with valuable tricks for the perfect foil jibe. More maneuvers like 360ies or going in high winds conditions will follow.

Study Windsurfing with Oda and Sarah-Quita

Dream Team riders Oda Johanne and Sarah-Quita Offringa have just started the world's first Windsurf University! Sign up for online classes!The...

Tiberias PWA World Cup

The PWA is pleased to announce the confirmation of the first World Cup Slalom event to take place since the start of the pandemic. The 2021 Tiberias PWA World Cup will take place in Israel from the 21st to 25th June at the city of Tiberias, on the Western shores of the Sea of Galilee.   The event will create a unique combination of past and...

My Home Turf | Adam Lewis | Hookipa, Maui

Let us take you on a tour of the best windsurfing spots in the World, from the comfort of your own home! Over the last year we have been encouraged to explore whatever is on our doorstep and for our riders it's been no different... many of them have been forced to change up their normal routines of travelling the world and chasing the wind and rediscover the spots closest to their homes. After spending so much time here, we have asked them to take you on a tour! In this episode, Adam Lewis takes

The Windsurf Show

Sam Esteve (JP / NeilPryde) and Julien Mas (GUNSAILS) are back with another installment of synchronised freestyle and the duo have taken it to another level with an outstanding new clip.Windsurf Show: "After a long break! Julien Mas & Sam Esteve are back to this famous windsurf spot to score a nice edit with a nice clasic music from...

#2 - April - Send it Sessions

Action from Denmark, Australia, Margarita, Gran Canaria, France and South Africa To submit a Send it Session email Action footage and talking to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac = 'Alfie' + '@'; addy982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac = addy982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv'; var addy_text982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac = 'Alfie' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv';document.getElementById('cloak982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac').innerHTML += ''+addy_text982fca5fcc15b80ad071899f22d31eac+''; Are you a Windsurfing.TV Member? HELP make videos like this possible... JOIN the Membership program :) To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… Go to:

Dream Team Storage Stories: Liam Dunkerbeck

Dream Team Storage Stories: Liam Dunkerbeck When you are the son of windsurfing legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck, we wouldn't expect to see anything less than a totally full storage. But it looks like Liam, by now, might just haveas many toys, if not more, than his dad?! We let you decide on that. From this little insight into Liam's storage, it is however easy to see that he is a real Watermen, Sup Foiling, Wingfoiling, Suping, Surfing, Windsurf foiling, Slalom, Freestyle and of course his Liam Pro 65
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Completely wasted but happy! - Straight on the water after 3000km to Tarifa 🚙 | vlog¹⁰₂₀₂₁

#MakeWindsurfingGreatAgain Don't want to miss out on the new cap? Sign up for the newsletter → Find me on IG → 🎥 Filmed on - Lumix S5 - Insta360 ONE R My Partners: 0:00 Finally a rack in the car 1:04 Tarifa here we come 2:25 Hurrying for epic conditions 4:27 Arriving in Tarifa 5:39 Tricky light wind and waves 6:57 FINALLY THE WIND

JP Freeride Comparison 2021

The 3 JP freeride lines vary in their characteristics and Werner Gnigler guides you through the range of his shapes: the manoeuvrable and easy-going Magic Ride, the fastest, performance oriented Super Sport and the controllable Super Ride right in the centre of the freeride class. Check out the JP webpage for details about Magic Ride: Super Ride: Super Sport:

Jordy Vonk Unfiltered

Next up on our unfiltered series, we go behind the scenes with Jordy Vonk to make an unfiltered scroll through his camera roll and hear the stories behind what doesn't make it onto the public feed...