Slalom Party Updated

Following the success of previous years The UKWA Slalom Team will once again be holding an end of year party at the Boat...

Pro Tips - Ducking - Kiri Thode

Every pro has different Tips that helped them master a move. This week, Ex-World Freestyle Champion Kiri Thode gives us his tips on 'Ducking' the sail! This is the move you have to master before being able to attempt most of the NEW freestyle moves! Are you a Windsurfing.TV member? Go to: To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e = 'Ben' + '@'; addy801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e = addy801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv'; var addy_text801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e = 'Ben' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv';document.getElementById('cloak801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e').innerHTML += ''+addy_text801acebc0e220fe6a5de6c48c7447c4e+''; #windsurfingtv #senditsunday

a raw mallorca windsurf trip

Mallorca und Windsurfen? Yes es funktioniert, sogar richtig gut! Wir machten uns Anfang des Jahres auf an Ballermann Strand, doch nicht zum Saufen, sondern zum Surfen! Die gesamte Story gibts im surf Magazin 09/2019 zu lesen ( Hier nun passend zum Trip, ein etwas längerer Raw Clip. Viel Spaß! Mit dabei waren: Surfer1 Kamera1 Kamera2 und

Windsurfing Fast Tack (boom to boom)

Date: June 13, 2019 Spot: The Road, Clinton Lake, IL Rider: Reid Fillman Sail: 4.7 Ezzy Tiger Board: 95L RRD FSW Fin: 31cm MFC Freewave Camera: GoPro HERO4 Silver

Riding Sardinia

Jacopo Testa (RRD / RRD Sails / AL360) has just dropped a new edit, which sees the hugely talented Italian busting out an impressive array of freestyle manoeuvres, whilst also showing off his wave skills in Sardinia.Jacopo Testa: “We had fun on the freestyle kit in Porto Pollo in the north of Sardinia and in Sa Barra, San Antioco in the...

Bureau Vallée Dream Cup

Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360 / Chopper Fins) is already in New Caledonia nice and early to prepare for the final event of the season - the Bureau Vallee Dream Cup - which starts exactly a week today (18th November) and runs until the 23rd November.Erdil has just released her latest vlog and has this to say about it: “Who’s...

Windwise Party Rocks!

Wild windsurfing and 60 Windwise Warriors all at Inn On The Beach.F6, horizontal rain, hail, wind, waves, Dyno & 4.7m weather, sundowner...

Starboard Steps Up To Make EFPT Carbon Neutral

At Starboard we are extremely happy to have been able to start a co-operation with the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) this year and managed to...

EFPT and Starboard Team up for the Planet

At Starboard we are extremely happy to have been able to start a co-operation with the EFPT this year and managed to help them make the last two EFPT tour stops Carbon Neutral. We are equally proud to see the efforts the EFPT puts in to make the events plastic-free​. Which are the ways that you like to engage with this topic? Are you collecting trash off the beaches? Stopped using plastic, take trains for longer journeys, or maybe are planting your own share of trees to offset some of your

Bureau Vallee Dream Cup

With the final event of the 2019 PWA World Tour just over a week away we decided to take a quick look at the world title race to show you who needs what to win the Men’s & Women’s PWA Slalom World titles. The season finale will see the elite of the racing world return to New Caledonia for the first time since 2017? For the 2019...

FULL Report - Cornwall Wave Classic 2019 - All Fleets

BWA Cornwall Wave Classic 2019 Check out the final round of the 2019 BWA tour. All the Action and Stories from all fleets from the storm chase conditions at Marazion to the heavy cross on day at the Bluff.... and don't forget to watch to the end for a bit of Carnage and Banter!! Pro 1. Phil Horrocks 2. Jamie Hancock 3. Lucas Meldrum Ams 1. Tom Taylor 2. James Arnell-smith 3. Pavel Hort Masters 1. Mark Dowson 2. Julian Hearn 3. Lee Harvey Ladies 1. Sara Kellet 2. Jenna Pettit 3.Debbie Kennedy Are

2019 Mercedes Benz Aloha Classic

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz Aloha Classic was one for the books. The best riders, in the best waves, with the best action. Ho'okipa at it's absolute peak and The Dream Tour concluding with all it's majesty. Kai Lenny makes a spectacular return to windsurfing by making the final of the most prestigious event in the world. 4th in this field of super elite windsurfers is truly astonishing given how divided his time is with other sports. Proving once again that he is one of the most extraordinary

Short clip from New-Caledonia

Authors: admin...

Pepe´s windsurfing Wipeouts in Pozo. Next Generation 2019

Authors: Stephan...

2019 Mercedes-Benz Aloha Classic - Overall

All the Mercedes-Benz Aloha Classic 2019 action packed in 3,5 minutes! Video: Sweetwater Hawaii

Sarah-Quita Offringa and Philip Köster – 2019 Wave World Champions

Sarah-Quita OffringaBy winning the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Aloha Classic, Sarah-Quita Offringa becomes the first woman in over two decades to claim the...

Day 2 - ISSO - IFCA South American Slalom Championships

Day 2 - 15 - 20 knots of wind... 4 Eliminations completed... and some big performances and BIG CRASHES!!!

Cornwall Wave Classic 2019 - Day 2 Highlights

2019 - Cornwall Wave Classic Day 2 highlights... A quick​ recap of the full on windy day of action at Marazion beach for all fleets at the Cornwall Wave Classic! Are you a Windsurfing.TV member? Well if NOT get involved… Go to: To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… #windsurfingtv #senditsunday

Being a Mom and a Windsurfer

Fanny Tysland is a 32-year-old windsurfer from Oslo, Norway. She works as a deputy judge. Her hobbies are windsurfing, skiing, and climbing. She...

Slalom gear 2020 ready to rent for winter 2019/2020 in El Medano

Check our 2020 Fanatic Falcon and Duotone Warp in action! Great freeride/slalom day in El Medano today! Next days full power wave action!