StarBoard Headquarters in Bangkok/Thailand. A remarkable place in quite an interesting location with nice architecture, lots of interesting places and an eye for sustainability. What I forgot to go into: the roof as plenty of solar panels so when the sun is at the highest point, the whole office is almost self sustaining in electricity. Find me on IG: #MakeWindsurfingGreatAgain towel hoodies (soon more 😉) - the best feeling before and after 💦:

Increased Membership Fees

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Size Matters: Blanca Alabau Foil Slalom Set-Up

Lighter weight riders pay attention as our slalom foil rider Blanca Alabau explains her favourite set-up. Interested to find out more about what's new in our Foil Slalom board models? What's New: New teardrop shape concept for maximum lift and stability, new back footstrap position for more control and higher reaching speeds, new extra-deep rail cutaways to take-off and get flying quickly. The Foil Slalom boards are also a new foil board


Check the video on Sam’s YouTube channel: “Foil-Freestyle&rdq...

A day in the life of Jordy Vonk

What is it like to be a PWA Slalom windsurfer in training? Here is a day in the life of Jordy Vonk...

Foil Freestyle with Sam Esteve

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[VIDEO] Matteo Iachino explores Galicia

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Scott McKercher wins the 2021 Margaret River wave classic

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#30 Boujmaa Guilloul - the humble Moroccan radical wave legend

One of the most radical and progressive wave sailors of recent times. Boujmaa comes from humble beginnings telling us just how he came to find windsurfing as his passion and his work. He highlights some of the crazy stunts he has tried, almost costing him his life but giving him a new perspective and new goals... such as sharing windsurfing in developing countries. He compares the two major tours where he has tasted success and battles with the Moroccan internet in his own casual but stylish

MEET & GREET & WIN - LIVE Q&A - Raoul Joa, Daniel Aeberli and Marco Lang

This week is our Meet & Greet finale and what better way to sign off this series than to give you the chance to pick the brains of the Product Managers themselves? Meet RAOUL JOA of Duotone Windsurfing and DANI AEBERLI of Fanatic, and have your chance to ask the questions you want to know 🎉 Last week a lot of people were asking about the Duotone Team Harness so this week you have a chance to win one! Also for the gran finale, Duotone Pro Center Tenerife is giving 7 days windsurfing rental for

Provisional Calendar 2021

Dear Friends,   We hope you are all well and finding your way through the unprecedented times we have found ourselves in over the last year.   As I am sure you can all imagine, the enormous levels of uncertainty, surrounding travel and large scale events, have had a significant impact on the PWA and the PWA Tour. Despite huge efforts on...

Duotone Platinum Boom 190-250


Guided Tour #3

After a few weeks break, Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) is back with the final part of his Guided Tour of Reunion Island...Thomas Traversa: “Welcome to this GUIDED TOUR! This is the third - and last! - episode from my trip in Reunion Island, and we are going back to Pointe-au-sel for an epic session with local ripper Pierre Godet! And a...

Dancing on ice @ Mellsten, Espoo Finland

Hiberna Ice Board. #icesurfing #icewindsurf #wintersurfing #winterwindsurf #mellsten

30×30: Starboard’s Latest Eco Mission

For 2021 we are adding a new positive impact campaign to our list of environmental efforts: 30×30. We will be working alongside water sports...

Matteo Iachino – Video and Interview

Matteo lachino has spent the last 12 years on the road training and competing. When Covid came he took some time out to enjoy the waves.The post Matte...

Watch OUT!!! Hole in the Ice! – Ep 97 – Send it Sunday

Send it Sunday - Fricking Freezing Special!!! All the clips this week are in freezing temperatures ! Plus: We have NEW Sponsor in 2021 and they are Donating a sail to the Giveaway for the member’s section!! thanks, guys Send me your Clips If you have clips of you (or friends ) ‘SENDING it’… going BIG… Crashing hard… or just funny shit!! I need the background story, names, and as much info as possible… Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addyce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845 = 'Sendit' + '@'; addyce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845 = addyce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845 + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV'; var addy_textce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845 = 'Sendit' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV';document.getElementById('cloakce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845').innerHTML += ''+addy_textce76d1fac1f8565bd03e1815b00f0845+''; with a Wetransfer or something

Dream Team: Matteo Iachino And Franz Orsi Explore Galicia

Dream Team: Matteo Iachino And Franz Orsi Explore Galicia Matteo lachino has spent the last 12 years always on the road, competing, training and working hard to be the best in the world. When Covid put a stop to competition season he took some time out to enjoy what he loves most: spending time with friends and waves. Interested to find out more about the boards Matteo is using? Ultrakode: Surf Foil:

Red Slave Beach

Bonaire is currently enjoying a solid run of wind and Youp Schmit (Tabou / GA Sails) is back with another short action clip from Red Slave Beach, which also features former PWA Freestyle World Champion - Kiri Thode (Severne Windsurfing).Red Slave Beach offers a mix of soft waves and little freestyle ramps - you can see Kiri and Youp in action...

Discover Team Duotone | Maria Andres

Be enchanted by our likable Spanish wave pro rider Maria Andrés. Her interview is also a beautiful declaration of love to her home, the Coast of Cadiz!