2019 Starboard highlights

A little teaser of our 2019 collection.

Day 1 Gran Canaria 2017 Wind & Waves PWA world cup.


Day 1 – Pozo – PWA World cup – 2018

Day 1 - Highlights... PWA Pozo 2018!!!

Send iT Sunday – Episode 6

Yes.. it's the PWA World Cup... BUT... It’s still Sunday.... so it’s time to Seeeeeeend it! Just managed to squeeze this one out.. in-between trying to compete (sailed terrible) and commentating!!! Busy busy in Windsurfing.TV towers at the moment!! haha So here you are... Episode 6!!! Please keep sending in your clips.. even if they are from a few years ago! This is a real joint effort… as I need content from you guys at home ‘SENDING it’… going BIG… Crashing hard… or just funny shit!! I need the back ground story, names and as much info as possible… Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloake4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addye4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2 = 'Ben' + '@'; addye4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2 = addye4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2 + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV'; var addy_texte4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2 = 'Ben' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV';document.getElementById('cloake4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte4145026466e280f6fcc574fc669c8a2+''; with a drop box link or Wetransfer or something and if it makes the cut I will add it in to next Sunday! …Keep ‘Sending it’!!! …and remember like it… if you like it… and we love comments If you want to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/

Pozo Ep4 - 2018 - Windsurfing.TV

Episode 4 is ONLINE!!! Wow.. it was a bit of a mission to make it online in time..  but I’ve done it! Haha.. Wahoooo… I can now go sailing!! :) Anyway… What a week we’re had…. And definitely NOT your normal pozo training week... In Episode 4 – We have action from the 2 miles up the road… South Sweltastic !! – Koster has been spotted!! – The top 2 have NOT been seen sailing POZO! – DuoTone Launch a NEW Product… rumour has it Victor Fernandez has some protoTypes! – The Japanese crew are Pushing hard – Injury update.. unfortunately we have a broken leg to tell you about! – Robby Swift has been coughing up blood! – We take a look at the main women contenders! – we also take a look at the locals – Stalled doubles and push forwards are a must! – New rocket man Plus more.. but I need to go get myself ready for this competition!!!   Thanks to all the Legends that are supporting the c channel with Beer Money… you are truly helping the channel survive… or at least stopping me from dehydrating!! Haha If anyone else wants to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/

Gran Canaria 2018 Pre Contest | Ricardo Campello

We are About to start the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival and for 2 weeks We had amazing conditions for training . Here some of my best footage ! After the event I will Release the 2nd Episode of My Campellovision Series ! Stay Tuned ! Filmed By : Rafael España



The leaders crash///full race



If you love sending it down the line, smashing through lips, launching off liquid mountains and carving through bowls at full throttle then you'll know exactly what the Mako is all about.

Traditional outlines combined with modern design features give a fresh new take on the classic waveboard. Reduced widths and a pronounced hip between the feet recreate the parallel rail effect for efficiency, acceleration and drive.

Versatile enough for use in a wide range of conditions, the Mako can be ridden as quad for down the line S-turns or alternatively as a thruster for cross-onshore drive and upwind ability.

With its geometry focused on control and stability this board gives you the confidence to step up your wave game. A wider foot spacing and increased span between mast base and footstraps gives a very solid stance from which to power into any move.

Refined rails, reduced tail area and performance rocker mean that the Mako is the real deal.

Day 04 Paros Wind Odyssey Video Highlights


Full Race from Race 4 Paros Wind Odyssey


How to tension the tack strap


Day 02 Paros Wind Odyssey


EFPT Fuerteventura Day 1 – Official Highlights

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Day 1: Registration Followed by Waiting for Wind

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Paros Day 01


Catching up with Fujiko Onishi

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