Technique Thursday


Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails) recently returned to Maui after a short trip to Mexico, but upon returning to Hawaii he needs to stay in Quarantine for two weeks… whilst he’s not busy on the water he’s been busy putting together some of his top tips for the backloop, so whether you are looking to land your first backloop or are trying to hone your technique be sure to have a look at his latest video tutorial.

Ricardo Campello: “in this video I will show a few tips and a few steps on how to make a perfect backloop windsurfing.

I’m not the best person to teach, but with the images and a few of my tips you can make it work !

Sorry for the bad audio sometimes (my mic broke).

I hope you can be successful on the backloop!

Enjoy it!”

You can see Ricardo Campello’s backloop tutorial @

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