JP R-Winger 2024

JP R-Winger 2024: Rise, Release, Race

An evolution for light wind or small-foil wing foiling enthusiasts. These boards are specifically designed to enhance the wing foiling experience.

As this new and exciting sport of ours continues to develop at a fast pace to develop at a fast pace, we decided to shift into the new gear. We can well see the early take-off benefits of these long and narrow Downwind SUP foil boards. While the take-offs are instant, for true wingfoiling the fun is compromised right after the take-off. That is why we developed the full line of narrower and longer, but dedicated wing boards, the R-Wingers.

These boards define what a modern race wing board, or a light wind board needs to be. Whether it is full on world-tour racing, blasting past your stunned windsurfing and kitesurfing buddies, or just enjoying the cruise in the lightest breeze possible.

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Edit & Video: @adamsims / @aalvaamedia