NeilPryde Waterwear Collection 2024

Proudly introducing our new 24 NeilPryde Waterwear collection!

Feel the elements and embrace everything that comes with them. No matter the discipline, location, season, temperature or your level. With our eclectic collection, we've got you covered for whatever the elements might throw at you

Based on our extensive knowledge, our experience and our team, this collection is characterized by high quality materials, never before experienced flexibility, fresh looks and the purest feeling of comfort.

We truly believe that there's nothing quite like the exhilaration of becoming one with the elements as you seamlessly merge with your waterwear.

Heres to many more hours of feeling the wind in your hair, riding the waves that thrill you, feeling the sand blowing around your legs and loving the smell of salt in the air...

Check out the new collection on our website! Link in bio.

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