windsurfing POV with Insta360 Go3 | Ricardo Campello

A few shots with the @insta360 Go 3 with Mount mount windsurfing in Gran Canaria

Go 3 is a very small but powerful camera that can be used for everything , but also work great for extreme sports !

This is not my favorite angle but I know a lot of people like it !

The hard part of this angle is that you will always look at what you want to film

Have a look at it here

The best Mode to film for me is in Pro mode which you can use at post production in vertical or horizontal format

You can order it in this link :

I am a Brazilian born professional windsurfer. I moved to Venezuela when I was a child and began professional windsurfer. My passion drove me to become three-time world freestyle champion in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

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