Unleash your potential with the Super_Hero 2024 | Duotone Windsurfing

The SUPER_HERO has it all: unbeatable handling, neutrality, and the lowest weight without sacrificing durability. We can truly claim that it is the most versatile wave sail with the widest possible wind range that we have ever built. Thats why we recommend it unreservedly for all conditions and all rider weights!

For the SUPER_HERO 2024, we've made these enhancements:

+ Size-specific draft position so that each size is optimised for the demands of the conditions it is used in

+ Sizes 5.0 and upwards have been modified to adapt to this size-specific philosophy to allow for earlier planning and a lighter feeling in the hands

+ Size 3.4 has been refined to give even more stability and control in higher wind conditions

+ All sizes are also available in HD construction

READ MORE: https://www.duotonesports.com/en/products/super_hero-2-14240-1200

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