Take your wave riding to the next level with the Grip 4 SLS and Grip 3 SLS | Duotone Windsurfing

Unleash the ultimate wave riding experience with the all-new Grip 4 SLS and Grip 3 SLS two incredible wave boards designed to redefine your windsurfing journey.

Grip 4 SLS: Elevate Your Wave Riding in All Conditions!

Experience wave mastery like never before with the Grip 4 SLS. Crafted to conquer waves of all sizes, this high-performance board offers an unrivaled blend of control, drive, and precision. Its quad fin configuration ensures maximum grip, allowing you to unleash powerful rail-to-rail turns with finesse and confidence. Take your wave riding skills to the next level and push your limits with the Grip 4 SLS!

Grip 3 SLS: Thrills in All Conditions but Truly Comes Alive in Smaller Waves

Navigate all conditions with the Grip 3 SLS, which truly comes alive in smaller waves. Engineered for rapid acceleration and tight turns, this true thruster wave board lets you carve through waves with agility and precision. The thruster fin configuration offers early tail release, perfect for quick maneuvers and extra speed for bigger boost in jumping conditions. Elevate your overall wavesailing with the Grip 3 SLS and embrace the thrill of mastering smaller waves!

Join us as we dive into the exhilarating World of DUOTONE Windsurfing and showcase the remarkable capabilities of these exceptional boards. Whether you're seeking maximum control or slashy turns, the Grip 4 SLS and Grip 3 SLS have got you covered. Get ready to ride the wind and conquer the waves with Duotone's latest wave riding innovations!

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