JP SUP Wave 2023

JP SUP Wave 2023

Join Vinni and Daniel sharing a solo session in the gorgeous green waves of South Africa on our Composite SUP wave boards. JPs SUP wave range has you covered from beginner to hardcore wave rider these three lines.

The SURF is a pure performance surf shape featuring beautifully thin rails and a narrow, pulled in nose and tail, single to double concave with vee out of the tail, comfortable pads, convenient carry handles, multiple fin options and durable, light weight construction.

The SURF PLUS offers high performance to riders with a wider skill range thanks to the wider shapes for added stability. Still an excellent board for tearing up endless waves and pushing your surfing performance but suitable for heavier riders and beginner to intermediate riders in anything from tiny to large waves.

The LONGBOARD PRO reflects a classic shape and size. It is a very light and full-on surf performance-oriented board suited for longboard SUP competitions. It adds a touch of style to our SUP offerings with a longer and narrower outline than the other shapes, allowing you to show off your long boarding roots on a SUP!Whatever your riding style, we have you covered!

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