A light Ora threatens to provide racing on the penultimate day before ultimately running out of steam

Day four started with plenty of promise as for the first time this week the sun showed its face and with the wind forecast to be southerly in the afternoon there was anticipation that the Ora would kick in to provide an adrenaline-fuelled afternoon of racing in Lake Garda.

Unfortunately though, despite things looking promising for a while, the wind remained just too light to be able to race - teasing competitors in the afternoon with 4-11 knots of wind. All hopes were brought to an end around 4pm when a thick layer of cloud covered the sun again, so as the temperatures began to drop, so did the wind, which quickly led to the sailors being released for the day.

Both Alexandre Cousin (Patrik / Patrik Sails / Patrik Foils) and Femke van der Veen (Starboard / Severne Sails) will now face a tense overnight wait to see whether it is windy tomorrow or not with both sailors on the verge of the their first event victories on the World Tour, which would be an even more remarkable feat for van der Veen, who is making her debut!

All hopes of being able to complete more racing now rest on tomorrow, which is the final day of the 2023 Torbole PWA World Cup. In terms of the forecast for Sunday there looks to be potential for a north wind (Peler) in the morning, before switching to the south (Ora) in the afternoon.

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