Wingfoiling Downwind Adventure in South Africa

Join our team for a Wingfoiling downwinder in South Africa! Watch our group of passionate wingers enjoy one of the most exhilarating and sociable aspects of this new sport, the ability to travel long distances with ease while closely interacting with friends.

Experience the adventure and the stunning landscapes our team had the pleasure of passing by while flying over the ocean in silence.

This video isnt about power moves but brings across the simple pleasure of feeling the wind in your hair while gliding across the water. Get ready to see how much fun Wingfoiling can be!

Music: Down South

(Performed by Jeremy Loops) J Loops Holdings (Pty) Ltd

(Written by Jeremy Hewitt, Motheo Moleko, Jamie Faull) Dr Doctor Music

Riders: Kylie Belloeuvre, Riccardo Zorzi, Vin Martins, Daniel Dingerkus, Greta Marchegger

Edit: @aalvaamedia

Cinematography: @aalvaamedia /@cdubfilms /