Interviewing the Best Windsurfers in the World for the December Newscast | Duotone Windsurfing

It was another incredible year for #TeamDuotone across the World taking home 4 World Champion titles in 2022 plus many more podiums. We sat down with some of our riders to discuss how these victories win, now that they've had a chance to reflect, but also get their top tips for you! But before we got into that, it was time for a final R&D update from Tenerife and something very exciting for the racing nerds amongst us....


00:00 - Intro to the December Newscast

00:33 - R&D WARP_FOIL Update from Tenerife with Marco Lang and Jordy Vonk

02:25 - World Class Podiums Riders Round Up

03:21 - IFCA Slalom World Champion - Jordy Vonk

04:18 - IFCA Slalom World Champion - Jenna Gibson

05:14 - PWA Freestyle World Champion - Adrien Bosson

08:30 - IWT Aloha Classic 3rd Place - Maria Andres

09:57 - PWA World Cup Sylt 2nd Place - Marc Paré

11:12 - PWA Slalom World Champion - Marion Mortefon

13:22 - For an impressive 11th time on the PWA Podium - PWA Wave 3rd place - Victor Fernandez