Freestyle Windsurfing - Will Graham High-Wind Foilstyle in Vasiliki, Greece

Non-Swiss and high-wind Foilstyle might not be what you expect, but it is exactly what you will see in Will Graham's (Slingshot/Severne) latest video!

Interview with Will:

The brit has been making a name for himself online with his crazy, strong wind Foilstyle video's over in Vasiliki, Greece. Recently he became supported by Slingshot, so we thought it was time to get to know the foilstyle specialist who is rumoured to be doing power moves on the foil, without ever having done them on the fin. Being 100% committed to the foil, he gives us an insight into the discipline and his transition to it in our latest feature interview:

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A couple of words from Will about the video:

Huge thank you to Spiros and Makis from Surf School Vasiliki for the drone work! If you're out here next year, come check them out for Wing and Wind foil lessons and rental.

Other special thanks to Slingshot Sports for supporting me on my foil journey!

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