#64 - Ester Ledecka is a Windsurfer!!!

Ester Ledecka talks to Maciek about her windsurfing history and windsurfing at home. They chat about her amazing success at the 2018 olympics and the similarities with trying to maintain a world class level in two different disciplines. Ester tells us about the crazy windy Defi Wind experience and how she sees the windsurf community in comparison to the snow community. Ester's enthusiasm for windsurfing shines through as she tells us about her goals in the sport.

0:00 Teaser

1:14 Getting into windsurfing, the Czech scene

4:55 2018 Olympics, managing 2 disciplines

13:53 Competing today, Ski/Board complementing each other

20:38 Defi Wind experience

31:31 The windsurfing community

36:44 Home windsurfing, goals and similarities between sports

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