Loftsails 2021 Skyblade - Dedicated Course Race Foil Sail

The Skyblade is a cutting-edge design for a cutting-edge discipline.

With Ramon Pastor and Fernando Martinez taking 1st and 3rd places at the European Championship in Portugal in 2019, and Hélène Noesmoen winning the Formula Foil World Championship in Switzerland, the design proved its competitive potential.

Loftsails R&D has worked intensively to improve the Skyblades for the 2021 season. The aspect ratio of the sail has been increased, the head width narrowed, new batten profiles developed, and vertical shapes redistributed. The result is a shape with a significantly more forward-oriented drive.

The updated design requires a shorter boom length that has reduced backhand pressure in flight. The sail exhaust was also fine-tuned to give it a softer lower leech.

The synergy of these updates has resulted in a substantially lighter feel, improved acceleration, and more control at high speed.

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