Loftsails 2021 Race 920 — High Aspect Foil

A highly efficient full carbon foil package dedicated to race performance even in lighter winds.

Giving it top-tier stiffness but keeping flex to a minimum, the foil mast is manufactured using M40J high-modulus high-strength carbon fiber composites.

To stay really tight upwind or to dive into deep downwind angles, the foil is equipped with an anhedral 920 cm2 front wing.

Tail wing angle can be adjusted on the beach or even in the water, which is critical to race performance. No spacers are needed.

Race 920 foil components are assembled with 8mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws. All are super strong and resist both mechanical damage and corrosion.

All Loftsails foil sets can be customized with a wide range of interchangeable front wings, fuselages, tail wings and foil masts for a tailored, fine-tuned experience.

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