#42 Timo Mullen - MOST DEDICATED WINDSURFER OF ALL TIME? - The Windsurfing Podcast

0:00 Intro, most enthusiastic windsurfer?

4:56 Crazy travel stories

13:14 Ireland, Lanzarote story

20:12 Competition history/stories

29:06 Competition v Road Trips

33:06 How do keep your life flexible?

41:20 Foamlife, the windsurf community

49:10 Ryanair story, how much time do you sail?

56:12 Best waves sailed

1:08:30 Bucket list, epic places

1:16:28 Scary stories, Jaws, Oman

1:21:55 Keeping motivated

1:28:00 Quickfire

Timo Mullen is the most passionate windsurfer we know. His whole life, his job, his private life revolves around chasing swells. From travelling to Gnaraloo for a weekend to booking 6months of tickets every week in case its good Timo is just one of kind. And all that with an irish wit and loads of stories - cant do much better than that for the latest installment of The Windsurfing Podcast!

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