#41 - Freestyle is as alive as EVER' - Adam Sims - The Windsurfing Podcast

0:00 Intro, How he became EFPT boss

6:40 What he thinks they can do?

15:20 Events, working with the PWA

24:08 IWT and other tour similarities

29:40 Identity of a freestyler

32:36 Tow in freestyle, future plans

35:40 Foil style, deepwater reality

41:18 Freestyle popularity

46:38 What is the perfect freestyler?

52:16 Personal competitive aims/achievements

1:00:50 Where would you have the best comps

1:07:58 Biggest moves possible

1:12:36 Injuries, mental barriers

1:21:20 Quickfire

Adam Sims is a windsurfer, traveler, filmer, and recently appointment CEO of the European Freestyle Pro Tour. How does he juggle so many hats? What's the cost of running an event? How much work does it take? Why are freestylers different from other windsurfers? Can he play the didgeridoo? This and much more on the newest installment of The Windsurfing Podcast!

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