#40 - Live lesson in board design by Simmer Style shaper and math genius Ola Helenius

Ola Helenius is not your typical shaper. Instead of being covered in dust all day his day job is a math professor at the University of Stockholm. When he designs boards he starts with numbers and then translates it into curves, which is the exact opposite of what most designers do. He shows us live how he does it and shares his thoughts on fin setups, current market situation, brands with multiple shapers and so much more. Tune in!

0:00 Intro, how he began shaping

5:50 Shaping an art or science

12:30 Each board unique to each rider

17:20 Wave board market, production and testing

26:20 Fin setups

31:55 Board identity, shaper fingerprint

39:29 Brand/board design openess, shaper role

50:28 Freeride development, testing

53:15 Shaper/tester influence - Flywave

1:03:00 Slalom, designer pride

1:08:33 Software demonstration

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