38 Amado Vrieswijk - „I feel that last World Title is mine” - The Windsurfing Podcast

Amado Vrieswijk is an undisputed modern-day windsurfing superstar. And absolute air moves master can also hold his own in waves and slalom but even has an event win to his name in the foiling discipline. Why do it all? Is that the reason for the freestyle World Title eluding him for the past 5 years? Did he really go out the night before his World Title heat? That and much more in the latest installment of The Windsurfing Podcast

0:00 Intro, EFPT win, lightwind freestyle

6:16 Foils, future events

10:54 Future Fly sponsor, Tomado board

13:30 Mr Multidiscipline

19:13 Slalom tech/tuning, natural ability

24:20 Freestyle title? Fine margins

32:31 Powerful styles, triple moves

36:47 Dream events, tow-in and the future

43:13 Quickfire

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