#35 Antoine Albeau - „I was scared. Then I became the scare” The Windsurfing.TV podcast

Today's guest needs absolutely no introduction. He’s been on many of our guest's top5 of all time lists. We’ve been chasing him for a while and we finally managed to do it. Live! Maciek sits down with Antoine Albeau to talk about absolutely everything from the comradery to the rivalry, from spocks to T-Bones, from foils to speed suits, and from late beginnings to winning a PWA Slalom World Championship first time at 34 years old.

0:00 Intro, Tenerife training

6:48 Background, 1992 on tour

14:33 Mental growth, first titles

19:32 2005 changes, slalom domination, rivals

30:09 How things evolved and JP story

36:15 Bjorn fighting back, the difference between generations

43:23 French champ, why he still competes

45:59 Speed stories, Luderitz record day

1:02:33 Not slowing down

1:06:55 Foil Slalom...

1:09:40 Quickfire

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