#34 Martin Brandner 2.0 - The backstory, F2 success years and future ideas

Legendary brand manager Martin Brandner is BACK!! In this second appearance on the podcast the conversation heads back to the start and his route into windsurfing is an interesting tale. From landlocked Austria to running a top team from the glory days of windsurf competition in the 90's. Like many in Europe at the time he enjoyed the party that was the global windsurfing boom years and found a path to working in that industry throughout the 80's. Hear all about the stories from these years and just how different running a major brand in that era was from the world that we know today. Martin gives us great insight to all aspects with his usual honest and open style. Sit back and listen and if you have questions just leave them in the comments - we might even have Martin on again for Brandner 3.0!

0:00 Intro, Jaws Photo

6:35 Getting into windsurfing & the industry with F2

30:31 First role at F2/becoming the boss

48:40 F2 arrows story

54:47 Photo shoots/marketing in the 90's

1:11:16 Karen Jaggi and female windsurfing general

1:28:55 Leaving F2

1:39:20 The Future plans

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