#31 - Scott Sanchez MPG - Most successful coach in PRO windsurfing history

If you followed the PWA tour in the late 90s in early 2000s you definitely heard of the Maximum Performance Group - MPG. The man behind those 3 letters competition absolutely dreaded is Scott Sanchez. An Olympic skier himself he’s coached an incredible variety of athletes - from NBA players to skiers, windsurfers, and even F1 drivers. Get comfortable and have a listen to Scott go behind the scenes of training your favorite windsurfers including Jason Polakow, Francisco Goya, Micah Buzianis, Kai Lenny, Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver and so many more...

0:00 Intro, Finding Windsurfing

8:55 Dealing with different athletes

16:55 Micah Buzianis, feedback and structure

28:55 Francisco Goya

38:05 Training techniques

49:22 Rider attributes

57:45 Travel & event routines

1:08:54 Mental power

1:14:22 MPG history, changing with the times

1:18:25 Motivating champions, windsurfing fitness

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