#30 Boujmaa Guilloul - the humble Moroccan radical wave legend

One of the most radical and progressive wave sailors of recent times. Boujmaa comes from humble beginnings telling us just how he came to find windsurfing as his passion and his work. He highlights some of the crazy stunts he has tried, almost costing him his life but giving him a new perspective and new goals... such as sharing windsurfing in developing countries. He compares the two major tours where he has tasted success and battles with the Moroccan internet in his own casual but stylish way. Sit back and enjoy listening to a truly remarkable story from a truly remarkable person.

0:00 Intro, background

15:20 Meeting Pro's, becoming a pro

21:50 Pushing the limits, innovation

26:15 Port tack tour, competition challenges

30:36 Big tricks, trying a triple

37:58 The comeback after crash

46:07 Comparing tours IWT v PWA

54:10 Best tour story

1:00:45 Windsurfing in developing countries

1:05:45 Boujimaa future plans

1:08:45 Quickfire

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