#29 Legendary F2/JP manager Martin Brandner - The Godfather of Professional Windsurfing

Legendary brand manager Martin Brandner is like the Godfather. Ruthless and mega effective, yet the ones working with and for him adore him. Especially after it's done. He assembled some of the best, most successful teams in windsurfing history for F2 and JP, and now, retired he tells us all about it. From applying Nike's strategy in windsurfing to almost starting a new brand with Peter Thommen and Bjorn, signing a young Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi always being late and not owning a phone, Antoine Albeau not being able to develop boards and a possible comeback to the business Martin really spills the beans. Sit back and listen and if you have questions just leave them in the comments - we might have Martin on again soon as there is so much left to talk about!

0:00 Intro, retired?

5:32 Will he comeback? His philosophy

13:30 His riders

18:25 Kauli Seadi

24:10 Ricardo Campello

41:27 Quantifying rider input

50:49 How he went from F2 to starting JP

1:04:18 Building the brand/image

1:19:40 Bjorn contracts

1:24:20 What to do with the windsurfing industry

1:33:03 Brand competition

1:43:03 Dealing with race teams

1:52:56 Antoine Albeau

2:01:30 Quickfire

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