Lobster Shack Cervantes - Windsurf Challenge - 2021

This has to be the BEST Windsurfing event of 2021!!!

haha.. well to be fair it's the first as well but it will take some beating!

Yes, the Lobster Shack Cervantes Windsurf Challenge 2021 was Full power windy, loads of races, warm, and a fully packed fleet of windsurfers pushing the level!

Also a glimpse at the NEW Patrik Windsurf International sails... yeah they seem to be doing alright! 😁

Thanks to Matt Holder from 'Reflex Films' for Sending (and making) the video It Awesome to see some full power racing again. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come in 2021!

Well done Isaac for organizing the event... this looks to have taken over the Lancelin Classic!!!

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