#23 - Gonzalo Costa Hoevel - "IQ Foil’s selection to the Olympics changed my life"

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel has been around, that’s for sure. Mistral One Design Youth World Champion, Formula Windsurfing World Champion, multiple PWA Slalom podiums and finally a PWA World Title in Foiling is a hell of a resume for the 40 year old Argentinian. Now just 2 years removed from his World Championship he moved into a new role - IQ Foil Class Manager. How does a class get elected to the olympics? What does its manager actually do? How did he convince all those countries to vote for it? And why is he the national hero of Austria? All that and much more in the newest Windsurfing Podcast, hosted by Maciek Rutkowski. Are you a Windsurfing.TV Member?

0:00 Intro, working on IQ Foil

18:35 Lobbying Olympic Committee

33:12 RSX v PWA riders

46:25 Argentinian background

56:31 PWA highlights, accidental fight

1:08:11 Best conditions/set up

1:12:58 How to be a good sailor today

1:20:08 Formula and Foiling success

1:34:24 Quickfire

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