#21 - Maciek Rutkowski - First time at JAWS!!!!! - The Windsurfing Podcast

Maciek Rutkowski is your weekly podcast host. But he just happens to be a professional windsurfer himself. From getting his ass handed to him to sailing Jaws and winning a PWA World Tour event the Pole has been through almost every possible emotion a person can go through while pursuing a career in the sport. And he shares it all right here, with Ben Proffitt stealing his usual interviewer role. Strap in for a tale of sleeping in equipment tents, fistfights on the racecourse, dirty secrets of sponsorship deals and how to perform at the highest level.

0:00 Intro, Poland upbringing

15:25 First Youth Competitions with brother

26:40 Joins PWA, Gear Sponsors

33:04 Hitting the Wall & Breaking through

55:26 Feeling comfy with brands

1:05:40 First Podium, The mental game

1:12:00 Aggressive Sailing

1:23:08 Top Sailor attributes

1:30:25 Doing Speed

1:35:06 Sailing Jaws

1:46:25 Wavesailing, Olympics and the future

1:59:26 Quickfire

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