#20 Nik Baker - 'I never had the talent, but I had something else” The Windsurfing Podcast

6x Indoor World Champion, Aloha Classic Winner, 4x Wave Vice World Champion, and a Course Racing Vice World Champion Nik Baker is a 90s legend. He takes us from his humble beginnings at Brighton when he dreamt to become a professional windsurfer like Robby Naish, to beating the King in the Aloha Classic final. Super candid and very talkative this is for sure up there with the best podcasts we’ve done so far. And the Polakow impersonation is a cherry on top of the cake. Let us know if you agree!

Welcome to ‘The Windsurfing Podcast’ this is where we are going to dive deep into the world of professional windsurfing. World Champions, legends, shapers, activists, industry members, media people… they will all get grilled by Maciek Rutkowski – a professional windsurfer himself, PWA race winner, podium finisher, and, by his own admission, the sports biggest fan. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy an exclusive look into the minds of windsurfing’s most interesting people.

0:00 Intro, 2020 watersports boom

9:32 Always competing in life

16:32 Brighton

22:28 Late 80's life

34:25 Wave sailing skills

42:40 Aloha Champ, nearly world champ

51:18 Indoor superstar

1:05:02 Sponsors, big deals

1:23:22 Roadbikes and general watersports

1:31:24 Quickfire

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