#15 Robby Naish - “If I wasn’t windsurfing I’d be working at McDonalds”

Do we really need to tell you who Robby Naish is? Guess not!

What we can tell you is that Maciek didn’t make it easier on him than anyone else.

How did he even become so good?

Why did he stay on tour after he stopped winning?

Why did he start a brand when he said it’s the last thing he’d do?

Why didn’t he want to give custom boards to Kauli and Brawzinho?

What really happened with Bernd Roedriger?

And how far can one stick one's head up one's ass?

For this and much more tune in. The King is in the house!

0:00 Intro, the 1970's, wooden equipment and living in the epicenter for development

23:00 First competitions and took it seriously from the start

46:37 Investments, Sponsors

58:45 Ambassador for watersports

1:10:35 Starting a Brand and rider relationships

1:39:01 Foiling, Winging and the future

1:54:25 Quickfire questions

Welcome to ‘The Windsurfing Podcast’ this is where we are going to dive deep into the world of professional windsurfing. World Champions, legends, shapers, activists, industry members, media people… they will all get grilled by Maciek Rutkowski – a professional windsurfer himself, PWA race winner, podium finisher, and, by his own admission, the sports biggest fan. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy an exclusive look into the minds of windsurfing’s most interesting people.

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