T H E S U P E R S T A R is back! The rebirth of one of the most iconic wave sails ever! Crisp and direct with maximum on – off character. Together with the SUPER HERO and the IDOL LTD it completes the trio of the DUOTONE MANOEUVRE AVENGERS!

It is designed for waves and ambitious waveriders, but due to its forward oriented profile positioning it has a very wide performance range up to freewave conditions. The more forward and slightly higher draft position plays an important role. It gives the SUPER STAR a very distinct character. The SUPER STAR feels always light and balanced in your hands, but reacts very directly and instantly - even when it comes to power on/off. Riders who prefer tri fin boards, celebrate radical cutbacks in a minimum of space, and if you steer your board also with your back foot you will love the new SUPER STAR!