#4 - Marcilio Browne -Growing up on tour, inspirations, Jaws, cold water.. The Windsurfing Podcast

Marcilio Browne needs no introduction. You would really need to look beyond to find someone that rips harder then Brawzinho right now. How did this come about? What did his parents think when a 20-year-old Kauli Seadi took the 14-year-old Marcilio on the World Tour? How does he feel so comfortable in Jaws? And why is the water in Portugal freezing... according to him at least!

Welcome to ‘The Windsurfing Podcast’ this is where we are going to dive deep into the world of professional windsurfing. World Champions, legends, shapers, activists, industry members, media people… they will all get grilled by Maciek Rutkowski – a professional windsurfer himself, PWA race winner, podium finisher, and, by his own admission, the sports biggest fan. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy an exclusive look into the minds of windsurfing’s most interesting people.

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