#2 - Wing Foiling in 5mins!! - Idiot's Guide to Wing Foiling

I have a WING... YES... the wing turned up so it's time to see what this wing foiling is all about!!!

It really didn't take much... from my first step on the board to Winging properly was 5mins... it definitely helped to try the board first... and being a windsurfer helped a little too! 😁

Board: Nahskwell - Fly 6'6 - 125L - Length: 201cm Width: 75cm

Foil: AFS Carver 1700 (961 wide)

Wing: Simmer Style: Fly Wing 5m

Rider: 174cm weight: 80kg Age:42 :)

Wind: 8-15 knots

'WARNING' like all my idiot's guide videos they are NOT technically 'idiot guides' it's more me doing something for the first time and documenting my journey. Along the way, there will be useful information and tips.. so it should be educational and entertaining haha

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this NEW sport.

Cheers Ben

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