The Cheapest Drone Shot EVER! - Explained

Create your own Drone style shots with this Magic set up!

Well.. it's a pretty low flying drone but I reckon it looks super cool.

All you need is a Camera (360 one makes it easier) and a Harness mount.

Equipment i used:

Camera: Insta360 One R -

K4 Harness Mount:

WARNING: (i've been told i need this on the video)

The pole cam is for advanced sailors only. If the pole is too long it can make Water starting hard or could catch on the rig. So be careful and only use in conditions where you are comfortable and make sure you have a good level of windsurfing!

WARNING: I’ve had a few issues with the camera since making the video and will give you a full review soon. At the moment I don’t think it is working out as the best Windsurfing camera for the WAVES.

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