Colin Whippy Dixon 2nd LIVE Coaching session 03/05/2020

Colin Whippy Dixon from and Luke Baillie going LIVE from TWS center in El Médano for the online coaching session. Open the SHOW MORE below to click the timecodes for topics !!!!

0:18 Start of the live session

11:20 teaching water start at home

15:40 Actual situation in El Medano

17:27 Difference between pop and chop hop

19:45 Vulcan

21:40 How not to hook into the harness lines during vulcan

29:14 Weight to board ratio

33:20 Equipment for intermediate level sailors

36:05 Tips for the first jumps

38:53 Control downwind and upwind when over-powered

42:57 Double forward

44:16 Tips for teaching windsurfing

46:20 Placing the back foot for slalom and wave jibe

48:54 Problem of the harness riding up

53:15 Tips for dry training the chop hop on the devils tack

54:50 Tips to get more air on jumps

1:02:48 Tips to get more vertical on cutbacks

1:06:58 Flaka

1:11:45 Using an old mast with the new sails