'8 WINTERS. ONE DAY' - Slalom Windsurfing documentary

'8 WINTERS. ONE DAY' is an Awesome Slalom documentary by Maciek Rutkowski.

Featuring some of the best riders in the World and their rise to the podium places in the last 8 years. It also relives the day they found Alberto Menegatti dead in his apartment!

It’s already been out a few days on his channel but we thought we'd add it here for people that missed it.

Maciek Rutkowski: 8 years ago a few of young World Cup windsurfers started training together. Since then they have become champions, but was the price they had to pay appropriate?

Starring: Alberto Menegatti, Matteo Iachino, Maciek Rutkowski, Pierre Mortefon, Jordy Vonk, Ethan Westera, Enrico Marotti, Marco Lang, Vincent Langer, Tristan Algret and more...

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