Size Matters: Rob Hofmann Kode

Kode Size Matters with Rob Hofmann

Float and Ride, or full speed towards some jumping ramps. Having the right size wave board for your weight and conditions at hand can make all the difference.

Using a board that is too big for your weight and sail size can leave you feeling unable to make the turns you want. While a too-small board can prevent you from ever even getting onto those nuggets you dream of. To help you decide what will be the best Ultrakode or Kode size choice for your needs we have asked our Dream Team's wave experts to give you some insights on what sizes they are using.

Rob Hofmann

Height and Weight: 180cm, 92kg

Kode Size: 105l

Fins: Thruster set up

Fin Size: 13 Sides, 20 or 22 Centre

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