The Best Father/Son video!?! - Cesar/Raphael Filippi

I LOVE this Video!!!

So I thought I'd put it on the channel... it's an Amazing DAD/LAD combo.

Now anyone that knows Raphael Filippi.. you will know how crazy he is!!

(Official pilot of the Quadem... the 4 person windsurfer used at Defi Wind) haha... he does every sport and never stops moving.. well it looks like his son is the same!!!

They are ripping it up on the water on the land and in the air!! (They have all the toys)

Cesar is only 13 and part of the Fanatic Grom team...

They Live in Carro, south of France, which in 'Rafs' eyes ' is the best spot in the world!

it's so awesome to see the NEXT generation coming through everywhere!

Total Rippers... LOVE it boys.. keep it up!

WARNING: if you get jealous by other people's toys.. DONT Watch this haha!!

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