Warm up Show - PWA Aloha classic 2019

Ok.. it's a bit last minute but I've managed to throw together a little Warm-up Show for the Aloha Classic 2019!!

With so much on the line, I thought I'd put something together to explain the situation and how it all stands!!

Next time I'm going to have to go to do the 'Aloha Classic Training Diaries!!! :)

Thanks to FishBowl Diaries for letting me steal your pics :)


1. I say 'INTERESTING' a lot!!! I mean a LOT!! ...Sorry!

2. I stole all the content off the riders social media (so some of it is terrible quality).. but if anyone wants a credit message me and i'll add it!

3. There also may be some mistakes in my math... I hope NOT but I didn't double-check!

4. SORRY I only mentioned a handful of riders! There are for sure a lot more that will cause an upset... but it's difficult to mention everyone!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it... BRING IT ON!!

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