2020 Loftsails Racingblade - Slalom Unlimited

The Racingblade is Loftsails’ dedicated slalom racing sail. On the competition circuit since 2012, the design is developed with attention to blistering acceleration and top speed.

Efficient and stable profiles, a relatively free leech, and wide ultra-low drag mast pockets are designed into the Racingblade. Wide mast pockets require firm tension for smooth airflow efficiency. The Racingblade mast pocket construction is unique: all 3 layers - the mast panel and the two mast pocket sides - are tensioned by the tack pulley webbings.

This construction - first developed by Loftsails - equalizes mast panel and mast pocket loading. which is key to achieving the Racingblades’ firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge.