2020 SIMMER STYLE - Brand Video

What makes a good brand video?

The NEW Simmer Style 2020 Brand Video has just dropped...

Simmer Style (Creative director/editor) Si Crowther has gone for a different route this year and really put the work in...

Interested to hear your thoughts of what makes a good brand video?

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p.s We will be putting up all the other Brand videos from Members of Windsurfing.TV over the next month.

Simmer Style says:

'Our design team includes some of the most talented and innovative windsurfers on the planet. They travel the globe all year round to test, torture and improve our products. this is the innovation that enables windsurfing to step up to the next level. When we say “Just go for it. Your gear can handle it!”, its more than a slogan, it’s our legacy. This is the legacy that the company founder created some 40 years ago. Klaus and Malte had a clear vision of hardcore performance and durability back in 1981, we continue in their tradition to bring you the most innovative products while pushing the limits of performance, quality, and reliability. it is our passion.

This is our Simmer legacy. So just go for it!'

Footage by Si Crowther and Amanda Beenen. Edit by Si Crowther.'