Ep- 4 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2019

Episode 4… is OUT!! The World Cup starts tomorrow!!!!! Yes.. this is the last episode before the PWA World Cup in Pozo kicks off.... In this Episode… - We take a quick look at the other contenders.. well the ones I've got video of! (sorry for anyone I missed... too many rippers to mention! - A bets a bet... Antoine Martin shows the young guys how it's done - 'Why you crying' is Back... - We find out why Pozo is so busy this year... -plus More... ...and we Give you the Chance to WIN a Board from F2 (Plus Sup's and a Sail) You just have to become a member by support the channel with Beer Money… Then you will be entered into the draw!!! Plus - you are truly helping the channel survive… or at least stopping me from dehydrating!! I have just made a slight change… all the info on the page (Full video explaining coming soon) Go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/