TWS Pro Slalom Training summary video 2019

The 2019 season of the TWS Pro Slalom Trainings have oficially come to an end. We┬┤ve seen the amount of participants increasing and also we can add some new nationalities to our list.

People are coming from all corners of the world which we really appreciate. The 2019 season has been a really good season with lots of PWA riders, international riders and also national riders from all kind of different countries. We can conclude that it was a really busy winter with more than 95 riders participating in the trainings.

Our legend Guille Ndiri Mukono had to challenge rough conditions with sometimes 36 people on the water divided in 3 groups. Together with his sidekick Thomas van den Heuvel he prepared the course in the morning to be alone on the boat afterwards for the rest of the day. A big shout out to these two guys!!