Ep-2 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2018 - Windsurfing.TV

Episode 2 is ONLINE... ... Pozo is ON FIRE!!!! My EyeBalls are bleeding from filming and editing... so you better appreciate it!! haha... if I see a thumb down I will hunt you down and poke you in both eyes with a fork!! :) I'm now going to go sailing so enjoy the guys going off!!! Pozo is ONFIRE and the LEVEL is insane... In Episode 2 - BIG BALL Pons shows the world he really does have the biggest gonads!!! - Marc pare sorts his Doubles out and does some of the lowest push forwards in the world! - Ricardo goes push forward c crazy!! -There is a unlikely NEW rocket man in town!!! -Random danger men feature and I can't remember what else... I need to go outside and get air I've been locked up for too long!!! Now where did I put that windsurfing gear! :) If you want to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/