Day 2 Day #2 - Slalom R&D on Tenerife

Tenerife Slalom R&D – Our NorthSails chief sail designer Kai Hopf and our test riders work tirelessly to push the gear and sports boundaries to the very limit. Kai recently travelled to Tenerife to meet NorthSails chief slalom tester and PWA hot shot of the season 2017 Marco Lang and also our team newcomer Malte Reuscher for some proper slalom testing to make the new Warp F2019 even better. Kai Hopf – Our Australian former world cup winner and the mastermind behind the sails, is one of the most influential sail makers worldwide. Kai, who also develops high-grade fin profiles for some of the best Windsurfers and Kiters, still prefers to spend most of his time on the water, not only to thoroughly test the designs but to also live his passion. Kai has been the head of sail development here at NorthSails since 25 years; this is longer than any other designer has worked for a single sail brand. This kind of experience is quite simply immeasurable and irreplaceable. THE TEAM – Top athletes and World Cup Racers like 8-times PWA Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo and 2-times PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez are our driving force, our most important source of innovation. Therefore, we put particular emphasis on continuous communication between them, the engineers and head designer Kai Hopf. Through this intensive interaction we’ve secured numerous World Cup victories and world titles, making us one of the most successful sail brands in history. This speaks not only for the outstanding performance of our products, but also guarantees every NorthSails customers the same high quality material as used by the best in the world. Video credits: Bartek Jankowski