Message from Funsport Team! The 2022 Rhosneigr Wave Classic is on! (For Pros some Wildcards!)


Hey guys Funsport here!

With a lot of thought and studying of the forecast for this weekend (13th-15th) and the following rollover weekend (20th-22nd), we have come to the decision to only run the Pro fleet this Friday (13/5/22).

As there’s no sign of contestable conditions for the on-coming Saturday and Sunday of this weekend (14th-15th) or the following 20th-22nd, we have decided that it's important to get a result with what will be the best conditions these two weekends have to offer.

We apologise that we can’t make the Ams and Masters fleet happen this time but we would still love to see you all here on Friday to watch what the Pros have to offer!

*A refund will be issued to the competitors who can’t compete this weekend.*

We will be handing out a few Wild cards for riders we believe can step their game up into the pros fleet for this Friday.

We will be sending out a few messages today to those it will concern!

As the forecast currently stands, we will need to be ready for competition early Friday morning so a late Thursday Registration and early Friday will be required!

You will need to enter online first then come into funsport and register that you are here to confirm your position in the heats.

These times are as follow:

Thursday 8:45pm- 9:45pm at Funsport for registration

Friday - 7:30am - 8:15am Funsport for registration

Skippers meeting 8:30am - 9:00am

Possible First start 9:30am

We cant wait to see you all soon

Please do get in touch if you have any questions

Love the Funsport team x


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